Rocketvan Coronavirus Statement of Service & Client Expectations

Rocketvan Coronavirus Statement of Service & Client Expectations

Rocketvan Coronavirus Statement of Service & Client Expectations

January 2021

The following working practices and guidelines have been written in accordance with the UK Government’s advice on social distancing while at work, and specifically the five steps outlined in their document ‘Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020’.

Click here to view our ‘Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020’ certificate.

All Rocketvan staff have been fully trained and re-inducted before returning to work and are required to follow these working practices without any deviation whatsoever.

However, given that our business involves our presence within our customers’ homes and workspaces, we must ask that you also abide by the simple set of guidelines detailed in this document (entitled ‘What We Would Like You To Do’). We require you to agree to and confirm your acceptance of these guidelines at the end of this document, in advance of our arrival at your booking.

Our goal is to be able to carry out our duties while minimising the possibility of transmitting or contracting Coronavirus.

If we arrive on the day at your address, and we are unable to undertake your job due to conditions not having been met, we will not be able to begin until they are met, in which case the clock will still be running. In a worst-case scenario should we need to abandon the job, the full estimated cost will be payable.

Our Working Practices (AKA What we will be doing)

  1. Social Distancing.
    1. We are staggering staff arrival times at the warehouse to avoid overcrowding; there is a three-metre distancing policy, and one-way queueing system in the warehouse.
    2. We are limiting team members to two per van. Additional team members will travel separately to the van (either on public transport or by bicycle).
    3. No additional passengers are permitted in any van, at any time. Clients will need to arrange their own transport between properties.
    4. Our staff have agreed to maintain social distancing while away from work, and limit their contact with members of their social circles who are not.
  2. If any member of staff is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, they are to inform our office, and they are not permitted to come to work.
  3. Van Cleanliness. We have stocked each van with high alcohol sanitising wipes, for the team on board to regularly clean any part of the van that is frequently touched.
  4. Face Coverings. We have instructed them to wear these at all times while in the van, and when working.
  5. Hand Washing and Sanitising. Each team member has been provided with a personal bottle of hand sanitiser for regular use throughout the day. They have also been instructed to wash their hands at regular intervals using soap and hot water, in accordance with current government advice.
  6. Daily Uniform Washing. All staff have been instructed to arrive with newly laundered uniform, every day. This includes gloves, if worn, and cloth face coverings.
  7. Van windows will be kept open to some degree at all times while travelling.

What we would like you to do:

Firstly, and while not a guideline for you to follow, we would very much appreciate your patience regarding job start times, particularly early in the morning. We have been working very hard to install practical procedures to get our teams out on the road in the mornings efficiently while adhering to our social distancing rules in the warehouse. Of course, there may be delays in doing this safely (from higher foot traffic, for example), so please bear with us. We will likely be asking for a starting time window, but where we can’t, we would please ask for a little leeway until such a time as we have established our routine.

  1. Payment can only be made by credit/debit card over the phone, or by bank transfer (only with prior approval). We will not be accepting cash until further notice.
  2. Social Distancing. Please do not encroach on our teams’ personal space while they are working. Allow them ample room to carry out their duties. Please do not come within 2+ metres of them at any time during the job.
  3. Face Coverings. We would ask that you please wear a face covering or mask.
  4. Please open all the windows at your address to allow for proper ventilation.
  5. Clean your property. This may sound counterproductive for the property you are leaving, but we ask that you disinfect any surfaces our team may need access to (for packing, for example) or may come into contact with while carrying out their duties. We can do this for you, however the time taken to do so will be charged for.
  6. Symptoms of COVID-19. If you are displaying any symptoms of the disease, we would ask that you please either cancel the job, or after undertaking the above requirements, remove yourself from all relevant premises for the duration of the job. If we feel that anyone on any site is showing symptoms we will respectfully stop work forthwith, and you will be charged the full estimated cost for your booking.