Page 1: Back to work

Page 1: Back to work

Hello everybody,

We are very happy to be able to be sending all of the following training and induction material to you, because it means that there is demand for work for us to do and that we are coming back to do it. I feel very fortunate that this is the case and that we have been able to keep everybody safe and furloughed through this period.

That doesn’t mean that I am writing this without some reservations and without a little anxiety about working again, and I’m sure that you and your families all feel the same. However, I am confident that if we all make a real effort to absorb all of this material and adhere to all of the instructions that come with them, then we will be able to reduce that anxiety and in a short space of time establish a new working environment that is both safe and satisfying.

In short, what we are trying to achieve as far as is humanly possible, is the prevention of anyone either contracting or spreading the virus while at work or for that matter while going to or from work.

Everything that we are setting out here is ‘until further notice’ and until such a time as guidelines change and we all assess that the risk has subsided. We will of course flag up any impending changes as we consider them, although you’ll all be part of the conversation by this point. 

Perhaps more importantly than the length of time that we will be asking everybody to abide by these directives, is the fact that we will be asking everybody to abide by them unequivocally and without any deviation whatsoever. This will not be like folding blankets after a job or wrapping a sofa. It cannot wait until later and we will not be taking any chances. It will be very much the case that anybody not adhering to every single rule 100% can no longer work here, and remaining on furlough or returning to furlough as an alternative will not be an option. Sorry to be so blunt but there will be no room for individual interpretation. You will have an opportunity at the foot of each page to express any misgivings, and we can discuss any issues on the phone, or in person during your re-induction. 

So please read the following very carefully and do not tick any of the boxes until you have done so. The following modules/pages will inform you about what the virus is, and how you can avoid spreading it. It will inform you about what we and you will be doing to help achieve this when we come back to work and about everything that we will have put in place for when you return. 

I would advise that you read through every module twice and even three times as I can’t stress enough the importance of you understanding every bit of it. I’m not suggesting that it will be easy to do it all from the start but we need to be getting the hang of it very quickly indeed as there is little or no room or time for adjustment.

To help with this there will be an induction on site also, with just a small number of you at a time, after which you will be asked to sign off that you are fully ready and satisfied to work. If you are not, then you need to tell us why and we will do everything we can to help alleviate all of your concerns. If it is the case that you feel that you do not wish to work in this environment however safe we have endeavoured to make it, then that is another conversation, one that you need to have with me as a matter of urgency.

Please feel absolutely free to air any issues or anxieties that you might have at any stage of this process. This is new to us too and whilst we’ve spent a lot of time incorporating all the government guidelines, and adding a few more of our own, that does not mean that we may not have overlooked something.

We would like you to begin the process as soon as possible. You are able to take a break, just follow the link we emailed/texted to you to get back to the list of contents, and pick up where you left off. Best of luck with it and please feel free to call my mobile at any stage with any queries.



Please confirm that you have read this page. If you have not understood it, do not agree with some of the content, or you would like some more information tick ‘No’ and we’ll be in touch to address any concerns.