Page 1: Working in a Covid-19 world

Page 1: Working in a Covid-19 world

Hello everybody,

Well, it’s been four months since we asked you to complete the Covid-19 training pages and what a four months it has been! Demand for our services shows no sign of slowing and it seems clear that Covid-19 is here to stay. With that in mind we feel it is time for us all to review the latest information and advice and refresh our knowledge of the new working practices so that we can continue to work safely.

As we stated when we came out of lockdown in May, we are still asking that everybody abide by these directives unequivocally and without any deviation whatsoever. This will not be like folding blankets after a job or wrapping a sofa. It cannot wait until later and we will not be taking any chances. It will be very much the case that anybody not adhering to every single rule 100% can no longer work here. Sorry to be so blunt but there will be no room for individual interpretation. You will have an opportunity at the foot of each page to express any misgivings, and we can discuss any issues on the phone, or in person during your second re-induction. 

So please read the following very carefully and do not tick any of the boxes until you have done so. The following modules/pages will remind you about what the virus is, and how you can avoid spreading it. It will provide some ‘spot the difference’ advice on how you will know whether you have a cold, the flu or Covid-19. It will provide updated information about what we and you will be doing to continue to work safely and includes clear information about what we expect from customers. 

I would advise that you read through every module twice and even three times as I can’t stress enough the importance of you understanding every bit of it. 

To help with this there will be an induction on site also, with just a small number of you at a time, after which you will be asked to sign off that you are fully ready and satisfied to work. If you are not, then you need to tell us why and we will do everything we can to help alleviate all of your concerns. If it is the case that you feel that you do not wish to work in this environment however safe we have endeavoured to make it, then that is another conversation, one that you need to have with me as a matter of urgency.

Please feel absolutely free to air any issues or anxieties that you might have. The national advice is not always clear but we have no control over that. What we can and will do is make sure you are in no doubt as to what is expected of you, what we expect of our customers and what you can expect of us. Again, if you feel that there is something we have no addressed in these pages please get in touch as soon as possible so we can support you.

We would like you to begin the process as soon as possible. You are able to take a break, just follow the link we emailed/texted to you to get back to the list of contents, and pick up where you left off. Best of luck with it and please feel free to call my mobile at any stage with any queries.



Please confirm that you have read this page. If you have not understood it, do not agree with some of the content, or you would like some more information tick ‘No’ and we’ll be in touch to address any concerns.