Page 7: What we expect of our clients

Page 7: What we expect of our clients

All our clients are being asked to sign up to our ‘Rocketvan Coronavirus Statement of Service and Client Expectations’.

Clients are informed that if we arrive on the day at your address, and we are unable to undertake your job due to conditions not having been met, we will not be able to begin until they are met, in which case the clock will still be running. In a worst- case scenario should we need to abandon the job, the full estimated cost will be payable.

If you do not feel that our expectations have/are being met by the client and a polite attempt on your part to enforce the agreed conditions is met with resistance you have our full support to pause the job and call the office, returning to the job only when we have confirmed that the situation has been resolved.

The full terms are on our website:, but here is the basic list of conditions:

  1. Payment can only be made by credit/debit card over the phone, or by bank transfer (only with prior approval). We will not be accepting cash until further notice.
  2. Social Distancing. Please do not encroach on our teams’ personal space while they are working. Allow them ample room to carry out their duties. Please do not come within 2+ metres of them at any time during the job.
  3. Face Coverings. We would ask that you please wear a face covering or mask, if at all possible. So long as social distancing is honoured, this is not a hard and fast rule as such, but a polite suggestion.
  4. Ventilation. Wherever possible, please open all the windows at your address to allow for proper ventilation.
  5. Clean your property. This may sound counterproductive for the property you are leaving, but we ask that you disinfect any surfaces our team may need access to (for packing, for example) or may come into contact with while carrying out their duties. We can do this for you, however the time taken to do so will be charged for.
  6. Symptoms of COVID-19. If you are displaying any symptoms of the disease, we would ask that you please either cancel the job, or after undertaking the above requirements, remove yourself from all relevant premises for the duration of the job. If we feel that anyone on any site is showing symptoms we will respectfully stop work forthwith, and you will be charged the full estimated cost for your booking.


Please confirm that you have read the information on this page. If you have not understood anything, do not agree with some of the content, or you would like some more information tick ‘No’ and we’ll be in touch to address any concerns.