How We Charge

How We Charge

No matter which of our services you use, they all have the same pricing principle: you only pay for what you use.

Only pay for the time you use. Only pay for the packaging you use. Only pay for the storage space you need.

We’ve broken down the basics here. If you have any further questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or refer to our terms and conditions.


We charge on a time basis. We charge a one hour minimum*, followed by 30 minute time blocks. The rate we charge depends on how many people you need, and how many vans. The idea is that you only ever pay for how long your move takes, and nothing more.

Our rates include insurance in transit, Central London congestion charge and all fuel and labour within Greater London.

Our rates do not include parking costs, whether it’s £’s in a meter, or a dispensation/suspension through the council. Either way, these costs are transferred directly to you (plus any applicable administration fees).

Mileage Charges

For collections or deliveries to addresses outside of Greater London, we charge a Mileage Charge, in place to cover fuel and labour costs while the van is out of commission (ie. not subject to an hourly rate). These are fixed charges determined at the point of estimate, based on the addresses provided.

* Our normal working hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Bookings before and after these times (inc. any time on Sundays) will incur a 20% supplement, and a two hour minimum charge. Any jobs after 10pm will incur a further 20% supplement and anything past midnight becomes double time.

PACKING MATERIALS – Removal Customers

As a Rocketvan Removal customer, we’ll deliver to you a selection of packing materials in advance of your move – for free, no less! – for you to pack up your home at your convenience. Then, when we move you, we’ll take away all the materials you haven’t used, and deduct them from your bill, with no minimum spend. With us, you only ever pay by the box, the metre of bubble wrap and roll of tape. You’ll never pay for something you haven’t used, and you don’t have to bulk buy in advance.

PACKING MATERIALS – Non Removal Customers

Please see Boxshop.


Our secure storage isn’t your traditional self-storage; you don’t have to pay for a whole room, being charged for more space than you really need, like in some of the bigger chain storage facilities. With us, you only pay for the space you use. We charge £1 plus VAT for a square foot, for a week. We have a minimum of 10 square feet, and go up in 5 square feet increments from there. Again, you only pay for the space you’re using, and nothing more.

We charge on a 4 weeks per month basis, giving a few free days at the end of every month.

We take payment for the whole month in advance, and reimburse you for any unused weeks when you leave us. If you come to us within the last 2 weeks of a month, we’ll also take payment for the following month. All of our storage customers receive a 7 day invoice for payment on, or by, the first of the month, for the following month.

Here’s an example of how it works, as a removal customer of Rocketvan…

You arrive with us on the 14th September, and you have filled 30 square feet of storage space. You are going to stay with us for EXACTLY one month. We will, however, take payment for the remainder of September and all of October (even though you know you’ll leave us before the end of the October). This means we will charge you for 6 weeks storage; 2 weeks of Sept, 4 weeks for Oct, resulting in a storage cost of £180 plus VAT. When October comes round, you actually find out you can move in to your new place after only 3 weeks of storage, on the 7th October. This means you have 3 unused weeks of storage. When we deliver you items back to you, we will reimburse you for those three weeks, reducing your final bill by £90 plus VAT.

‘Warehouse In’ and ‘Warehouse Out’ Fees

If you are not a Rocketvan removal customer, but still wish to store with us, you may have to pay a ‘Warehouse In’ and a ‘Warehouse Out’ fee. As we don’t offer self storage, we must have a member of staff present to inventory your belongings, and then move them to their storage space within our warehouse. As standard, this is charged at £25 plus VAT per ‘In’ or ‘Out’, and covers the first member of staff. If it’s a lot of stuff, we may have to provide two members of staff, which would increase the charges to £50 plus VAT per ‘In’ or ‘Out’.