Single & Multi Drop

Single & Multi Drop

If you’ve got one, or multiple items to deliver, Rocketvan offers more than a standard ‘courier’ service. We apply the same professionalism and care to everything we pick up, be it a tatty cardboard box or a marble sculpture.

We like to build a rapport and an understanding of your, or your company’s particular needs so that we can offer a top notch service. This includes offering help with your logistics. We can even work as an embedded delivery service within your business.

If you’ve got loads of items to drop around town, we can pick it all up and drop everything off at various locations.

Hiring us to do the drops for you can work out cheaper than hiring a run of the mill courier. That’s because where they charge per drop, we charge by time. And our central London location means we can be where you need us at the drop of a hat.

We can also work out the logistics for you; just give us a list of addresses, tell us what’s going where, and we’ll do the rest!

Bought a sofa on eBay? Piano on Gumtree? Or a new wardrobe at Ikea?

We don’t just do office relocations and house removals. We also deal with single item deliveries on a daily basis. So if you’ve picked up a bargain online, and can’t get over to collect it yourself, call us.

We can even put your new wardrobe together for you, if you don’t fancy it yourself.

Call us on 020 7401 3928 for a quote.