Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions in all their glory. Click here to view and download a PDF.

Click here for our Statement of Service, and for Acceptance Forms, please click here for Domestic Removals and Commercial Relocations, or here for Collections and Deliveries, both commercial and residential.

For those in a hurry, here are some of the important bits:

How we charge:

  • We charge on a time-basis. This way, you only pay for what you use. We do not do fixed prices.
  • We have a one hour minimum in place from Monday to Friday, a 1.5 hour minimum on Saturday’s, and a 2 hour minimum on Sunday’s, followed by half-hour time blocks.
  • We don’t take deposits. You pay for your move in full once everything’s done and dusted.
  • Payment can be made by cash or credit/debit card, or bank transfer depending on your terms. American Express and payment by cheque are not accepted.
  • Our standard rates are applicable from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, and any time on a Saturday or Sunday are subject to increased costs.


Please see our statement of service for details on cancellations.